FedEx is facing an investigation in China, and its business may be difficult to continue.

Since May this year, FedEx has suddenly become famous in China. Relevant Chinese authorities have investigated FedEx (China) Co., Ltd. according to law, but there is no final conclusion yet.


On August 18, according to People’s Daily, Jin’an Public Security Bureau reported that it had recently received an alarm that a Fujian sporting goods company had received a courier package from an American customer shipped by FedEx Company with guns in it. At present, Fuzhou police have temporarily detained guns and launched a case-filing investigation.


FedEx has been operating in China more than 30 years ago. It should be familiar with Chinese laws and regulations and abide by industry norms. But in recent months, FedEx’s actions have seriously damaged the law. This is bound to be punished.


Therefore, Rowell suggests that when choosing express delivery, customers should try not to choose FedEx to protect your goods so as not to cause unnecessary losses.

Post time: Aug-19-2019