The famous Chinese violinist sheng zhongguo was deeply mourned

Renowned Chinese violinist sheng zhongguo died at the age of 77 in a heart attack on the evening of September 7, 2018. All the members of the Shanghai musical instrument exhibition deeply mourn for Mr. Sheng China. May Mr. Sheng keep his way and the spirit of music will last forever!

Sheng’s life



He was born in chongqing in linchuan, jiangxi province. As a national violin soloist of China symphony orchestra, sheng China is one of the first violinists to win honor for China internationally. He once served as a member of the CPPCC national committee, member of the central committee of the democratic league, President of China society music research association, director of China musicians association, director of China symphony development foundation and member of the performing arts committee.

Her father, sheng xue, was a famous violin professor, and her mother, zhu bing, was a vocal musician. They have 11 children, 10 of whom are music professionals, and nine play the violin.

Sheng China is their eldest son, from childhood by foreign music’s edification and strict art training. When he was nine years old, wuhan people’s broadcasting station recorded the classical works of Mozart, Beethoven, schubert and other people in his solo. The audience was so impressed that they praised him as a “talented child”.



In 1954, he was admitted to the affiliated high school of central music college. He successfully performed Mozart’s violin concerto in A major at the music conference in 1956 to mark the 200th anniversary of Mozart’s birth.

As one of the earliest foreign students, Mr. Sheng went to Russia to study at music academy of Tchaikovsky in Moscow in 1960. In 1962, he participated in the second international Tchaikovsky violin competition held in Moscow and won the honorable prize.

After returning to China, Mr. Sheng had cooperated with the orchestra and performed the famous Chinese and foreign violin concertos successfully and went to Australia and other countries.

He let “Butterfly Lovers” go abroad.



As one of the most famous “Linchuan Talents”, he has recorded and distributed more than ten albums, CD and 12 cassettes of tapes at home and abroad. He has won the Golden Record Award awarded by China National Recording Corporation and has been praised as “the King of China’s Productions” abroad.



Mr. Sheng has a unique understanding and treatment of his works. His performance style is both passionate and unrestrained, sweet and delicate, rich in poetic and romantic fantasy. His performance is very individual, not only outstanding skills, but also high music culture, playing a wide range of songs.

There are both classical and modern sonatas, concertos and exquisite sketches from various periods, as well as famous Chinese violins. He integrated music and personal life together, and the true feelings were revealed with music, which was full of strong artistic appeal and vitality.

In 1980, Mr. Sheng visited Australia for a solo concert and performed with symphony orchestras in four cities, including Sydney. After the tour’s success, ABC Australia named Mr. Sheng as “the world’s greatest artist.”

Farewell, my friend Sheng Zhongguo.

Mr. Sheng China is an old friend of Shanghai international musical instrument exhibition. He has been deeply attached to Shanghai international musical instrument exhibition.



In addition, in the first year of the Beijing Music Life Exhibition, the sister exhibition of Shanghai Music Instrument Fair in 2015, Mr. Sheng China was invited to the scene to tell you his half-century love relationship with the violin in the art salon. He shared his understanding of music and life with every audience.



The dead are dead

Voice and smile remain in our hearts.

Farewell, my friend Sheng Zhongguo.


Post time: Sep-30-2018

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