Music China 2019 is about to open. The organizer will not tell you the exhibition instructions.

The annual grand Shanghai International Musical Instrument Exhibition is coming, As an exhibitor who has participated in nearly ten years,YUEWEI Musical Instruments Company has prepared its best products for the exhibition this year. We are exhibiting wind instruments such as Saxophone flute trumpet and stringed instruments such as guitar Ukraine Ribes. Welcome to visit and try them out.

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Unlike previous years, when you come to Shanghai this year, you must pay attention to one thing: garbage classification! Shanghai now implements the most detailed and stringent garbage classification system in China. Failure to classify garbage according to the corresponding rules will result in high fines.


As an exhibitor, the staff ofYUEWEI Musical Instrument will certainly strictly abide by the garbage classification system in Shanghai. For this reason, we have specially arranged a comprehensive guide for garbage classification in Shanghai for your reference. To provide a convenient and comfortable exhibition process for all participants in the musical instrument exhibition.


Please consult customer service for detailed guideline of garbage classification.


Wish you a pleasant participation in the exhibition.

Post time: Aug-01-2019